Aura Readings

Everyone has an "aura about them". It is a continually changing energy  that emits from every living thing. When an atmosphere lifts or drops when someone enters a room, that is your aura picking up on theirs. Or if you going into a room and you automatically feel uncomfortable, you are picking up on the energy of that room, whether some one has just left it or been gone for some time. It is the energy  trace that has been left behind.

There are 7 main layers of aura that we know about and use. (There are a great many more) each of these 7 layers is linked to our 7 main Chakras. (again there are many more). Each layer reflects each Chakra . So we have the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. Each of these is represented by a colour. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and gold/white. Some people are blessed and can see these colours, I am not one of them. But, what I can do is scan them and find "blips" and undulations. Aura reading is therefore mapping your auric field.

On an individual level your aura changes throughout the day reacting to changes you pick up subconsciously. However we pick up things in our aura and subconscious and sometimes hold on to them. When I scan you you are sitting in a calm healing space, soft music playing and your eyes closed. I use a piece of quartz crystal to amplify the lines I am picking out. I draw/write down my findings. The next step is for you to tell me what you felt, any sensation. We then turn the notes over,and you see what I have noted down. You will be surprised at what information is matching between the 2 sets of notes.

Why do I do it this way round? Simple, I have already found things to discuss with you, but I do not want what I say to have influence on what you think you feel. There are no stock answers and there are no right or wrong answers , feelings or sensations. The readings are as individual as your finger prints. We then sit down and look at the findings I have previously written down. We may have found your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide at your shoulder, or a loved one. We may find out that you should be eating a better diet. All sorts can be held here, but ultimately, I feel that what I do helps you on lock yourself from negatives in your past and helps equip you to move forward and become who you feel you should be.

A full Aura reading is then completed by opening up and then gently closing down the energy centres, helping release any blockages that we may have found.

Customer Comments

I received some crystal therapy from Alex, I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the whole experience. Dealing the session of healing, I felt as if there was a presence of something else and felt areas of my body in slight light discomfort.

This was due to a previous accident that Alex was unaware of. Alex explained the systems very clearly and was very supportive during the session. I would recommend this healing and would love to have another session of crystal therapy in the near future.

- Marie