Affirmations. Do they work?

Well we are heading towards the third week in January 2019 and no doubt we are struggling to keep our New Year Resolutions.

We may have aches and pains that are holding us back from Yoga, Zumba, Gym or dog walking or even starting to clear out the spare room.

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Self help?

You Can Change!

“Self-help”. The bookshops and E-book stores are loaded with these books. Whole shelves devoted to them. Different authors writing the same information in different styles, to suit the era or reader.


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Its Review Time

It’s Review Time

With the Christmas celebrations approaching, it is the time of year we start to review what we have done, achieved, loved and lost or gained.

It is also the time of year we start planning for the year ahead: holidays, personal development, diets, promises of getting fit or to give up something or start something new.

How often do you start the New Year with lots of good intentions, for them to drop away over the following weeks and months?

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‘Tis the season to be jolly


December is the month that closes the year. It is the month of different celebrations throughout the world. Whatever your beliefs you can’t failed to have noticed the chill in the air, getting chillier. The daylight hours shrinking and the dark winter evenings stretching out.

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So it begins...

Each year feels like it is getting quicker than the last. Is it age or is it because we have more "Stuff" to do. On a whole people feel more stressed, yet in theory we have more labour saving devices in the home and yet we have less time. I've also noticed we are becoming more isolated. Social media is great at keeping us in contact with friends far and wide, but it should not come at the cost of face to face relationships. This time of year as the winter chill is appearing in the morning and evening and the clocks have gone back that hour, we come to a time of year where we tend to asses what has gone before and what is to come. A review of the year. We watch the leaves change colour from the vibrant greens to the golds, yellows reds and ombre hues of autmn. The crisp leaves on the ground, the seed heads and nuts all falling. The fungi appearing from no where and then almost melting back again. All this to make way for the resting time and rebirth to come. I have had an interesting year , where my body has decided to let something happen to it, in order for me to take a step back and rethink and regroup. I now do a weekly "Live@7" on my Crystal Tips Holistics facebook page. Where we look at everything from Confidence, Gut health, Vision Boards and more. On this page you will see offers, workshop dates, and seasonal treatments, along with inspirational quotes and useful information do do with seasonal eating and skin care There is also My Secrets to Fabulous Skin, Health and Wellness page too. reikihands on